LBP Service Corporation is the country’s leading provider of specialized human resource and talent solutions—from technical craftsmanship, facilities maintenance and administrative support to consulting and managed services.

A Road to Conversion

In early 2018, LBP Service Corporation decided to upgrade their outdated company website. Through their collaboration with Dthree Digital, we were able to create an efficient website that helps them showcase their reputable brand, but more importantly, get more manpower applications through the new online platform.

Seekers and Partners

As one of the largest manpower and recruitment companies in the Philippines, LBP Service Corporation needed a website that can deliver to their two main markets - the Job Seekers, and their Partners. We made sure that we were able to deliver a visually organized website with proper information hierarchy, and at the same time, easy to use for anyone.

Design and Development

Color coordinated, professional, and straight to the point. LBP's website pages reflect the company's accomplished reputation and the their significant impact to their partners.

Evident believes in using communications to make things work better, faster, smarter and more efficiently.

Their high performance digital marketing and social media campaigns help brands stand out in a crowded marketplace; attract new customers and leads; improve customer engagement; and transform new customers into brand advocates.

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