Founded by two sisters who are lifelong foodies and travel buffs, Seed was conceived to bridge the gap between fast food and a gourmet restaurant. In Metro Manila, eating well means pre-cooking a packed lunch or going to a restaurant, both of which are too time-consuming for the extremely busy (or lazy) working millennial like us. So here’s a crazy idea: how about an online restaurant? A gourmet meal delivered to your desk. Finally.

An Online Gourmet Restaurant

Chef Monica Floirendo-Ugarte and Gabbi Floirendo had a dream of building their own unique business. With the rise of e-commerce services in the country, particularly in the food and beverage industry, the time to start could never be more perfect. They approached Dthree and we planned on how to go about with Seed Manila.

Targeted Services

For now, Seed Manila is targeting a specific area - Bonifacio High Street CBD, and slowly expanding to Makati City. It partners with small and large offices to provide quality lunches, meals, and catering to their people. They also provide large quantities for events and seminars. Through the well-designed and secure website, partners experience a seamless experience ordering their chosen meals. Save time, and let them do the work.

Design and Development

We strictly applied Seed Manila's beautiful branding to the website. We aimed the website to be of a similar feel to a quality gourmet restaurant. It was fun working on their colors and providing specific icons. With this design, we also made it a point to emphasize on an easy experience for their target users.

The Frabelle Group of Companies holds diversified business interests which include deep-sea fishing, aquaculture, canning, food manufacturing and processing, food importation and trading, cold storage, shipyard operations, wharf development, real estate development, and power generation.

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