On how we work
What's the Dthree process like?

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Here at Dthree Digital, we provide guidance. We'll assist you in going through a process that involves design-thinking methodologies and collaborative phases - such as weekly meetings and milestones.

Throughout the build process, we continue to work with the client to deepen the understanding of the business, provide expert advice, and translate what they need into the desired design and build outputs.

Should you require an agency to build a site project, you may fill out the contact form here.

On rates and pricing
May we know if you have packages or rate cards?

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Website design and build rates may be dependent on multiple factors - such as the final project scope, website features + customizations, types of website pages, required integrations, launch timelines, and the level of services involved. For detailed design and build quotations, you may contact us here or schedule an initial discussion.

On how we work
For full-service web projects, what services can you do?

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Dthree Digital works with you as a consultant and partner for building your digital presence. With this, we aim to be collaborative with what the client needs, and at the same time be on top of our expertise. For full process website projects, here are some of the services we may assist you on:

1. Website Planning (Client Alignment/Discovery, Goal Setting)
2. Website Architecture (Sitemaps, Flows, and Wireframes)
3. Website Styling (Production of Final Digital Designs) and Prototyping
4. Full Front-End Development (Conversion of Design to Code)
5. Full Back-End Development (Content Management System) + Quality Assurance
6. Website Build Quality Assurance
7. SEO-based Content Writing
8. Website Server Assistance
9. Website Initial Support

Contact us to know about our process. You may also schedule an initial meeting.

On timelines
How long does a project take to complete?

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Similar to the rates, website or application project timelines may highly depend on multiple factors - such as the features, customization, and level of services involved. E.g. A company/brochure website may take around 10-18 Weeks to complete (as long as client feedback and alignment are on-time). Larger projects may take much longer to do. Our projects may be viewed here.

On quotations
How do we ask for a quote? What steps do we need to take?

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We advise that you contact us with details about your requirements, or schedule an online call. We'll be able to finalize the quotation once we receive enough information about the project specifications. Through email, you may also send us an RFP (if one has been prepared). Direct emails may be sent at hello@dthree.com.ph.

On our team
Who will work on my project?

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For standard size websites (company or brochure types), we usually assign 1 project manager, 2-3 members of the design team, and 2-3 people from the development team. Other website build sizes may require a different Dthree Team line-up.

On scheduling a call
What happens in the initial call?

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Once a call has been scheduled, our directors will be meeting with you to discuss the project. The agenda will be an introduction for both parties and discussion of the project requirements. On the average, the call may take around 30 minutes to 1 hour.

On immediate requirements or rush timelines
Do you accept rush projects?

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As much as possible, we aim to work with timelines that have us follow the standard project process to have proper preparation, maintain the quality of the deliverables, and have good client relationship. Should a rush requirement be needed, it may require further discussion.

On website builds
What Web CMS Platforms do you build on?

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Projects may require different types of features and capabilities so we advise clients on the CMS they may use on their site. Dthree Digital works with websites built on WordPress, Drupal, Webflow, Shopify, and Magento. Some clients may ask for a certain platforms since their old site was built on it and they are familiar with the system.

On website builds
Will the website be viewable on mobile?

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Yes. Websites nowadays are more or less required to be viewable on multiple devices (from large desktops to mobile phones) and browser types. Search engines penalize websites built on bad user-experience, interfaces, and code. Dthree Digital plans, designs, and builds with multiple screens in mind to achieve a high design and technical standard. You may view our projects here.

On website support and maintenance
Do you provide website support and maintenance services?

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Yes, we do provide support and maintenance services. We usually advise clients to avail a monthly plan with us so we may continue to assist on website security, content updates, bug checking, and overall web optimization. Ad hoc support services may also be provided should the need be required. To view our full list of services, click here.

On server / hosting services
Do you provide website hosting services?

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Yes, we do provide website hosting services. We have server partners that we have worked with for several years now. For cloud hosting services however (e.g. Amazon Web Services), we provide server management services. Contact us to know more.

On outsource work
Do you provide outsourcing or services to countries other than the Philippines?

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Yes, we do provide services to countries outside the Philippines. We have past and previous clients from the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Singapore, and Dubai.

On staffing services
Do you provide staffing services to other companies?

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As of the moment, we do not provide staffing services. However, this type of service may be offered sometime in the foreseeable future.

On other services
What about brand specialization services (e.g. Brand development, Logo design), and digital marketing (e.g. Search engine marketing or SEM)?

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We do not specialize on these types of services. We do however, have partner agencies who are experts on these requirements. We may refer them to you if needed. Dthree Digital mainly handles Planning, Design, Development, Content Writing, and Support for digital platforms such as websites and applications. Our full list of services may be found here.

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