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Welcome to dthree digital


Ateneo de Manila University

Rebuilding the website of a top Philippine university

In the spirit of being Lux in Domino, Light in the Lord, Ateneo de Manila University will be a force for good in seeking innovative and sustainable solutions to society’s most pressing challenges.

Welcome to dthree digital

We assisted them with:

Enhancing the online presence

Dthree Digital is proud to have had the opportunity to work with one of the top universities in the Philippines, the Ateneo de Manila University, on the main educational institution website. With this project, our team was able to provide a range of services including Website Digital Page Design Enhancement, Full Website Development, Quality Assurance, and Content Curation.

The Ateneo de Manila University website project was a collaborative process, as our team worked closely with the university's marketing arm to understand the current needs and goals for the modernized website. Our Web Design Team were able to assist in enhancing the overall design of the website, making it not only visually appealing but also user-friendly. The new Ateneo website was also built to be fully responsive, ensuring that it could be accessed seamlessly on any device from widescreens to small mobile devices.

One of the key elements of the project was the implementation of quality assurance measures. Our team made sure that the website was free of any technical errors and that it was fully optimized for search engines. This was crucial for the university as it helped increase the visibility of its website, attract more visitors, and build trust with the users.

Dthree Digital also assisted Ateneo de Manila University in curating the content for their website. Our team worked with the university to ensure that all the information on the new website was accurate, up-to-date, and relevant to their target audience. This helped to improve the overall user experience and provided a valuable resource for the university's students, faculty, and staff.

A world-class website for a world-class university

After the website was launched, Dthree Digital continued to provide website support services to Ateneo de Manila University. Our team was always available to assist with any issues that may have arisen and to make any necessary updates to the website. This helped to ensure that the website remained in high-quality performance and a world-class resource for the university.

Dthree Digital is proud to have been a part of Ateneo de Manila University's milestone, the new modernized website. We believe that a impactful and user-friendly website is crucial for any educational institution, and we are honored to have had the opportunity to work with one of the top universities in the Philippines. Our team is confident that the website we have built will serve the university well for many years to come. As one of the best Manila-based Philippine web design and development companies, we will always strive to provide top-notch website design and development services that will help our clients build on their success.


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Welcome to dthree digital
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