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The Benefits of Taking Care of Your Employees

Take care of your employees and they will take care of your company.

At the start of this year, The Philippine Statistics Authority estimated employment to be at 94.7 percent. This reflects how a lot of people are at work – but are they committed to what they do? A company would be nothing without engaged employees who care about keeping the business in operation. To get your team to care, show first that you care for them. Look after your workers to see what they need and expect.

As a business owner, here’s how you can look after your employees.

1. Provide Basic Needs

An employee that shows up to work tired or hungry won’t be able to do the job well. You need to ensure that your workers’ minds and bodies stay ready and functional. They have the right to sick leaves or maternity leaves, as well as health insurance. Companies can provide sleeping quarters, do wellness and fitness classes, or make campaigns for healthier eating.

The Benefits of Taking Care of Your Employees

2. Give Out Recognition And Rewards

Keep your staff motivated by letting them know you appreciate their hard work. This explains the practice of monthly lists showing those who achieved targets or exceeded metrics in operations. Just make sure this will motivate the others to keep up with their coworkers instead of stirring conflict. The incentives can be monetary in nature, gifts for home use, or a paid trip somewhere.

3. Encourage Growth In Skill and Purpose

Employees tend to leave when they find better opportunities elsewhere. You can show your workers that there is room for growth in the company through mentoring. Internal hiring also shows that the company believes its employees have what it takes. Let your workers know they can take on managerial roles, that they still have a purpose with you, and that there will be fair compensation for it.

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4. Practice Flexible Work Arrangements

As more places get reliable internet and computers get more advanced, discuss flexibility at work with your team. There are cloud systems now for file transfers, and videoconferencing for meetings. Let them know that you acknowledge their life outside work and that you trust their skills to manage their time. As long as they deliver by the end of the day, the setup is working.

5. Establish A Healthy Work Culture

Your employees spend at least 8 hours of the day for your company, aside from a bi-weekly paycheck and benefits, the unseen glue that will make them stick to your company for a long time is healthy work culture. A huge chunk of this is dependent on everyone’s attitude and set of values. Make sure everyone exudes a positive attitude, practices transparency, and communicates with passion and purpose.

Philippines companies with good benefits

A company that provides these (or are at least working on providing these) is in it for the long run for you too. Choose wisely and know your labor rights!

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