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Arch. Armando Allí

Welcome to dthree digital


Planning, Architecture, Digital Design, Full Stack Development, Website Support

Designing the website of an Architecture consultant in the Philippines

A product of UP Architecture and UP Urban Planning. Armando Nicoleta Allí is a graduate of the University of the Philippines College of Architecture (1982) and of the University of the Philippines School of Urban and Regional Planning (1994).

Welcome to dthree digital

A modern online presence

Filipino architect and environmental planner Armando Allí collaborated with Dthree Digital to modernize and enhance his brand through a new online presence. With the use of a functional a seamless design flow on the website, we were able to properly execute and launch the goal for modernization. He was able to launch a fast, modern-looking website which helped him on his overall online presence moving forward.

An informational platform

Arch. Allí's website houses multiple types of information about his work, experiences, projects, and press items. The website serves as a main business presence for his brand as he reaches both local and international clients.

To help you save time, you may refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Welcome to dthree digital

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