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Design Week Philippines 2021

Welcome to dthree digital


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Designing the website for the annual design week of the Philippines

Design Week Philippines is a week-long celebration of design and creativity, bringing together creative visionaries from diverse backgrounds and disciplines in a series of events and sessions with the goal of cultivating creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

Welcome to dthree digital
The Design Center of the Philippines

A country's unique design presence

The Design Center of the Philippines collaborated with Dthree Digital to bring to life the website of Design Week 2021. Through its strong but playful brand, we needed to design and build a website that would encapsulate the unique design presence of the Philippines. With the help of Dthree Digital, the Design Center was able to launch a fast, modern-looking website that helped them achieve their goals.

Clear showcase of information

As a platform for the country's designers and those who are keen on design-related activities, The Design Center of the Philippines required a website that can present events and speakers in an easy-to-digest manner. We made use of their playful branding materials (illustrations, colors, and typography) and made sure that we were able to design a properly structured website with clear information hierarchy. Design Week 2021's website pages reflect the brand's purpose and their goal to help deliver content in a straightforward, but fun manner to their audiences.

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Welcome to dthree digital

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