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Enrique Zobel Foundation

Welcome to dthree digital


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Designing the website of a nonprofit organization that supports children

Established in 1990, the E. Zobel Foundation Inc. was founded by the late Don Enrique Zobel, who believed that “through education, there is hope for a better life”.

Welcome to dthree digital

Modernizing the brand

Enrique Zobel Foundation collaborated with Dthree Digital to modernize and enhance its main website. With the use of solid colors, local patterns, and effective photography of the foundation, we were able to properly plan and design the goal for modernization. The foundation was able to launch a fast, modern-looking website which helped them with their online presence.

A platform for donation

Enrique Zobel Foundation also needed a platform wherein donors can provide assistance. Dedicated pages were designed and build to achieve this purpose on the website.

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Welcome to dthree digital

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