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Welcome to dthree digital



Redesigning and rebuilding a top lifestyle media website in the Philippines

FreebieMNL is the newest lifestyle destination for the netizens of the Philippines! As their name suggests, FreebieMNL’s mission is to provide FREEBIES to everyone.

Welcome to dthree digital

We assisted them with:

Optimizing FreebieMNL for speed and search engines

Dthree Digital is proud to have worked with Kroma Entertainment Inc., a leading media and publishing company in the Philippines, to create a world-class website for their latest venture, FreebieMNL. FreebieMNL is a voucher and freebie-centered media website that aims to provide its users with the latest and greatest deals and discounts in the Philippines.

Our team of highly-skilled web designers and developers worked closely with Kroma Entertainment Inc. to enhance the website's digital page design, and develop a fully-functional website. Our team's focus on quality assurance and content curation ensured that the website not only looked great but also provided a seamless user experience for visitors.

One of the key challenges we faced during the project was ensuring that the website was optimized for speed. We understand that a slow website can greatly impact user experience, so we made sure to implement the latest technologies and best practices to ensure that FreebieMNL loaded quickly for users. Our efforts paid off, as the website now boasts lightning-fast load times, which greatly enhances the user experience.

Ongoing support for website success

Another important aspect of the project was the importance of website optimization for search engines. We understand the importance of being visible on search engines, and we made sure to implement the latest SEO techniques to ensure that FreebieMNL was easily discoverable by users. This is especially important for a media company like Kroma Entertainment Inc., as it helps them reach a larger audience.

Overall, our team at Dthree Digital is extremely proud of the work we have done on FreebieMNL. The website is a great example of our ability to deliver high-quality, world-class websites for our clients. We are honored to have had the opportunity to work with Kroma Entertainment Inc., and we look forward to continuing to support them with our website support services in the future. We believe that the website will be a great asset for the company as it will help them reach and connect with their target audience in the Philippines. A highly-functioning website is a powerful tool for any business and we are proud to be a team that can deliver these kinds of results.


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Welcome to dthree digital
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