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Welcome to dthree digital


FVC Construction

Designing a website for a 70-year old woodworks company

Explore how Dthree Digital, a top Manila-based Philippine web design company, transformed FVC Construction's digital presence. Discover our collaborative journey through branding, research, planning, design prototyping, full website development, and quality assurance that resulted in a world-class, high-quality website, truly representing FVC Construction's seven-decade legacy.

Welcome to dthree digital

We assisted them with:

Understanding the Client's Needs

As a leading Manila-based Philippine web design company, Dthree Digital recently had the opportunity to work with FVC Construction, a distinguished family-owned business with over 70 years of robust experience in the construction industry. FVC Construction, nestled in Taytay, Rizal, close to Manila, specializes in customized woodwork and interior finishing for commercial and residential projects. Understanding the deep-rooted legacy and the premium services FVC Construction offers, we at Dthree Digital embarked on an ambitious journey to create a world-class digital presence for the company, reflective of their unparalleled expertise and commitment to quality.

We initiated the project by diving deep into branding, website research, and planning. Being in the industry for such a long time, FVC Construction had a distinct identity that needed to be respected and effectively translated into the digital world. Collaborating closely with FVC, we meticulously mapped out sitemaps and wireframes, paving the path for a structured and intuitive user journey on the website. This rigorous planning phase allowed us to envision and create a unique, high-quality online platform that truly stands out.

Our seasoned designers then crafted compelling digital page designs, incorporating the brand's essence while ensuring a sleek and modern aesthetic. This design process was backed by innovative prototyping, giving FVC Construction an immersive experience of the digital interface before it was even built. Our mutual understanding and respect for each other's expertise significantly smoothed this creative process, resulting in a design that was loved by the client and admired by their customers.

Technical Development and Execution

Once the designs were approved, our web developers stepped in to bring the conceptualized vision to life. We developed a full website that not only was visually appealing but also technically sound. We adhered to the highest standards of web development, ensuring optimal performance, seamless navigation, and strong SEO foundations. Throughout the development process, the focus was not just on aesthetics but also on creating a user-friendly and responsive interface that would cater to the needs of FVC's diverse clientele.

The final stage involved rigorous quality assurance and content curation. Our team painstakingly examined each element of the website, checking for any potential inconsistencies or glitches. Alongside, we curated engaging content that would speak directly to FVC's audience, showcasing the company's rich history, values, and wide-ranging services. The end result was a high-quality, world-class website that perfectly encapsulated FVC Construction's ethos and dedication to craftsmanship.

Working with FVC Construction has been an enriching experience for us at Dthree Digital. The project showcased our ability to weave together strategic planning, creative designs, and technical prowess. We believe that a well-built website can significantly enhance a company's digital footprint and overall customer satisfaction. The completion of this project reiterates our standing as the best Manila-based Philippine web design company, always aiming for the zenith in our services.


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Welcome to dthree digital
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