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Welcome to dthree digital


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Building a website for an up-and-coming cake brand

Dthree Digital, had the opportunity to work with Honeybon, a cake brand of the McWilson Group, on their website project. The company provided a comprehensive range of services including website research, planning, and design.

Welcome to dthree digital
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A collaborative design effort

Dthree Digital, one of the leading web design, and development companies in Manila, Philippines, recently had the opportunity to work with Honeybon, a cake brand under the McWilson Group, on their website project. Our team provided a comprehensive range of design services, including website research and planning, sitemaps, wireframes, digital page designs, design prototyping, and quality assurance, to ensure that the final product exceeded the client's expectations.

The process began with Dthree Digital's team conducting extensive research and planning to understand Honeybon's unique business needs and goals for its website. We then created detailed sitemaps and wireframes to provide a clear structure for the website and guide the design process. The digital page designs were then developed by their team with guidance from Dthree Digital, with a focus on creating a high-quality, world-class design that would make a strong impression on visitors and effectively communicate Honeybon's brand message.

Optimizing website design for a positive user experience

Throughout the project, our team at Dthree Digital worked closely with Honeybon to ensure that their input was taken into account and that the website met their specific needs and expectations. This included creating design prototypes for them to review and provide feedback on. The collaborative approach allowed for a smooth and efficient process, resulting in a website that exceeded Honeybon's expectations.

In conclusion, Dthree Digital is proud to have worked with Honeybon on their website project and to have helped them achieve their business goals through a high-quality, world-class website. As one of the best web design and development companies in Manila, Philippines, we are committed to delivering the best results for our clients and ensuring their satisfaction throughout the process.


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Welcome to dthree digital

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