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Welcome to dthree digital


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Building a real-estate website for the popular affordable housing brand in the Philippines

Lessandra comes from the most trusted in the home building industry—Vista Land. Having the mission of elevating Filipino lives, and present in more than 40 areas nationwide and growing, Lessandra confidently prides itself as a key player in the real estate industry, ensuring a convenient, safe, and secured life for every Lessandra homeowner.

Welcome to dthree digital

Affordable houses for all

In 2019, Vista Land, one of the largest real estate companies in the Philippines, introduced their new affordable housing brand called Lessandra, under Camella. They approached Dthree Digital to build a modern real estate website for their millions of potential clients.

Site accessibility

The Lessandra website was designed with the most important users in mind - the buyers and potential clients. The website contains information on the different house listings and locations, therefore it needed to be built with seamless content consumption in mind.

To help you save time, you may refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Welcome to dthree digital

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