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Welcome to dthree digital


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Designing the website of an e-commerce gaming shop

The best part about the gaming world is the people in it - the people who help you get started and those you meet along the way. Plug & Play wants to be part of your journey, to guide you as you explore this world - one game at a time.

Welcome to dthree digital
Brand Identity by Serious Studio

An online presence worthy for enthusiasts and casual gamers

With its great brand identity set, Plug & Play CEO Louie Ngo asked Dthree Digital to work with him to build the brand's new E-Commerce website. Since their market was both game enthusiasts and casual gamers, we needed to collaborate with him to design and build a website clear and easy-to-use for multiple age groups.

An e-commerce site with content-driven components

With the new Plug & Play website, not only can users shop the newest and sought-after Steam games, they can also expect Plug & Play to produce a list of posts relating to multiple content types like gaming guides, tips, and reviews.

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Welcome to dthree digital

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