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Welcome to dthree digital


R. Dan and Co., Inc.

Crafting a digital narrative that mirrors a company's 70-year legacy

The team at Dthree Digital helped transform R. Dan and Co., Inc.'s rich 70-year engineering legacy into a world-class website presence.

Welcome to dthree digital

We assisted them with:

Introduction: Pioneering Together in the Digital Age

R. Dan and Co., Inc., with a monumental 70-year journey dating back to 1954 and founded by the visionary Mr. Robert Dan, is a testament to engineering prowess and innovation in the Philippines. As they charted a trajectory from a consulting company to a market leader in belting and conveyor solutions, their footprint expanded, imbibing global technologies, and scaling operations. When such an esteemed institution sought a digital avatar befitting its legacy, they turned to Dthree Digital, a top Manila-based Philippine web design company. Our objective? To weave a website echoing their stature, mission, and vision.

Embarking on this voyage, our initial emphasis lay in Website Research and Planning. Given R. Dan and Co., Inc.’s long-standing history, diverse milestones, and a mission to bolster clients' productivity and competitiveness, we recognized the weight of our task. Our team meticulously crafted Sitemaps and Wireframes, translating the company’s multifaceted journey and services into an intuitive user experience. Located strategically in Greenway Business Park, Silang Cavite, the firm's dedication to technology-driven solutions and its unparalleled engineering services demanded an online presence mirroring its offline grandeur.

A Tapestry of Design: Crafting the Digital Interface

With the blueprint in place, our team delved into the aesthetics, chiseling out Website Digital Page Designs that not just appealed visually but narrated R. Dan and Co., Inc.’s rich heritage and forward-looking vision. The collaborative spirit of this project was further amplified during the Web Design Prototyping phase. Here, real-time feedback from R. Dan and Co., Inc. met our design acumen, ensuring the resultant interface was both contemporary and reflective of their 70-year legacy.

Yet, designs are but the soul; the body is the functional website. A responsibility we took with great reverence. Through our Full Website Development process, we ensured that every element, every feature, and every page resonated with the company’s ethos while adhering to global technical standards. Quality Assurance at Dthree Digital isn’t a mere phase; it’s an ethos. We ensured the site was world-class, not just in design but in every technical nuance, making the browsing experience seamless.

Completing the Narrative: Content Integration and Refinement

The soulful amalgamation of a brand’s voice with its digital avatar lies in its content. Acknowledging R. Dan and Co., Inc.’s stature, our team oversaw the Content Upload Curation. Every snippet of information, every image, every section was meticulously curated to ensure the website wasn't just a platform but a digital chronicle of their journey, services, and innovations.

The digital representation of R. Dan and Co., Inc. today stands as an emblem of what can be achieved when legacy collaborates with modern design thinking. At Dthree Digital, our commitment extends beyond website creation; we forge digital legacies. This collaboration, with its resultant excellence, reinforces our dedication to remain the leading Manila-based Philippine web design company. It's not merely about designing websites, but about narrating stories, celebrating legacies, and envisioning futures.


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Welcome to dthree digital
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