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Wonder PH

Welcome to dthree digital


Wonder covers everything pop culture and style. It exists to spark conversations about what men, women and everyone in between care about, from fashion to grooming, career to sex and relationships, pop culture to self-care—including things we’re sometimes too shy or find hard to talk about.

Optimizing and rebuilding a leading media site in the Philippines

Welcome to dthree digital

Digital Design, Full Stack Development, Website Support


Optimization and rebuilding

Being a large media website, Wonder PH tapped Dthree Digital to help rebuild and optimize the main website wonder.ph. Through the optimization process, Dthree assisted in streamlining and modernizing the overall site design and build.

A faster, device-friendly output

With the optimization and rebuilding efforts, the Wonder PH website was able to achieve faster load speeds throughout multiple devices and connections. Dthree has also assisted Wonder PH in constant website changes and content uploads.

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