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Designing a website to build a social impact storytelling experience

All Good is a social impact storytelling platform for non-profits, non-government organizations, social enterprises, philanthropy and corporate social responsibility initiatives. The goal of All Good is to create a wider community of people who are engaged in the advocacy of social impact.

Welcome to dthree digital

A platform for stories 💻

All Good co-founders - Cecile Dominguez-Yujuico of Evident and Jonty Cruz aimed to build a platform for social impact stories, and to connect organizations to a modern audience, as audiences are becoming more socially aware every day. With collaboration from Dthree Digital, they were able to build a purposeful and straightforward website that helped them realize their goal.

Showcasing purposeful content 📖

As a platform with a purpose, All Good required a website that can present stories in a flexible manner. We made use of their strong branding materials and story photos and made sure that we were able to design an organized website with a clear information hierarchy.

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Welcome to dthree digital

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